Things to Do in Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock is known for quite a number of historical events. By virtue of being the capital of the most populous state in America, it also has a high population. As such, you will find a lot of exciting things going on in this city to accommodate all tastes and preferences. There are significant landmarks, with most of them tracing back to the former President Bill Clinton. There is even and a replica of the Oval Office.

Museums and art centers have also taken some dominance in this city and have a versatile attraction in different topics. As far as natural attractions go, Little Rock has a fair share to offer, including the Arkansas River and numerous parks, like the Riverfront Park. There are tons of zoos, gardens and other modern entertainment spots like the streetcar, among others.

Here are some of the key things that you should look out for when you are in Little Rock:

Arkansas State Capitol

There is no way that you can come to Little Rock and not visit the Arkansas State Capitol Building. This is believed to the center of all the action and also serves as the home to the government of Arkansas. The building was erected in 1899 as a state prison and as such, it also doubles as a historical landmark.

There are so many essential monuments that are in this building like the Liberty Bell. It is also a memorial place to the Little Rock Nine civil rights, of the 1950s. The monument to the Confederate War Prisoners is also in the building and you can always get a guided of this building.

The Old Mill

Besides having a replica of the Oval Office, Little Rock also has a replica of the old grist mill that was powered by water. This is an attractive structure, which features in the opening part of the film, Gone with the Wind. Today, this is the only building that still stands, from the ones featured in the 1939 movie.

While it was constructed in 1933, the designers were tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that it appears to be an old building that was constructed in 1800s. There is a park, as well, that has sculptures of tree stumps, toadstools and a bridge that is made of entwined tree branch which are being maintained by a tree service Little Rock company. This bridge connects the Old Mill to the rest of the park. This is a site that is worth visiting, when you are in Little Rock.

Heifer Village

Heifer Village is one of a kind and will give you a taste of the culture. There are galleries that exhibit a number of activities, which aimed at raising money and awareness for the poor and hungry across the globe. There are programs that are help for students and families, which are geared towards this noble cause. You can explore the village on your own, or get a guided tour.

Little Rock has so much to offer and you will certainly find something that appeals to your taste and preferences.

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